Transportation solutions in small and medium sized communities 

After 10 years of serving small and medium sized communities, we have decided to move onto other challenges. Current Transportation Solutions is no longer actively offering consulting services. This web page will remain active to serve as a resource.

We have completed a diversity of successful projects to improve transportation in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, California, Michigan, and other rural areas.

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Effective boards

The following resources can help in defining roles of a governing board and a coordinating committee that serve the same community. 

Featured Work

Idaho 5311(f) Program Review

Current Transportation Solutions conducted an assessment of Idaho’s intercity bus service with a primary focus on services that receive Federal Transit Administration (FTA) 5311(f) Rural Intercity Program grants through the Idaho Transportation Department Division of Public Transportation. The report was designed to be used as a tool for helping make decisions about funding and improving intercity service and for improving intercity passenger facilities. The final report provided ITD and Idaho’s transportation providers with an overview of existing services, a list of gaps, and a recommended prioritization for filling those gaps. Additionally, the report documented intercity nodes and facilities. 

Helena Area Inclusive Transit Planning Phase 1

Stakeholders participated in a variety of outreach activities focused on: 1) developing a clearer picture of the transportation needs of stakeholders in the county, especially the needs of residents in areas of the county that are not currently served by the Helena Area Transit Service (HATS) like the “North Valley;” and 2) bringing stakeholder organizations together to create a strong voice for the needs of the populations they serve with regards to transportation, and to start to build consensus on recommendations for improving service to meet these needs. 

Montana Complete Streets Toolkit for Cities, Small Towns, and Tribal Communities

The toolkit provides a resource to engineers, planners, elected officials, and residents who desire safe and efficient facilities for bicycling, walking and transit within their communities.


Featured Resources

2012 Survey of State Funding for Public Transportation (with FY 2010 data)From the AASHTO Standing Committee on Public Transportation. Montana invested $447,000 in public transportation, or $0.46 per capita. The national average is $44 per capita.

APTA Quantifying and Reporting Transit Sustainability Metrics: This Recommended Practice provides guidance for reporting and tracking key indicators of sustainability for transit agency signatories to the APTA Sustainability Commitment.

AAA Your Driving Costs 2013 Edition: Based on the latest year's calculations the average car owner driving 15,000 miles per year spends $9,122 a year, or 60.8 cents per mile to own and operate a vehicle.