Effective boards

I am currently working on a task to improve the effectiveness of a series of transportation boards and committees in a community. It requires consolidation of two boards and making a third board more effective. One board should take responsibility for the management of the public transportation system, and a Transportation Advisory Committee, required by the state DOT, should communicate about needs and resources between providers and customers.

TCRP Report 85: Public Transit Board Governance Guidebook describes characteristics of typical transit boards. It is a good reference to consider what is normally done. As is typical, it needs to be right-sized to the community we serve.

Some DRAFT TAC Guidance suggests the responsibilities of that committee. The responsibilities below includes some similar responsibilities for the board which need to be worked out. 

  • community planning sessions
  • conduct community and rider assessment
  • facilitate focus groups
  • facilitate and utilize surveys
  • facilitate and oversee transit studies and analyses
  • conduct and oversee the Coordinated Public Transit-Human Services Transportation Planning Process
  • Develop, approve, and provide ongoing oversight to the Coordinated Public Transit-Human Services Transportation Plan
  • consistently engage in outreach efforts


Finally, there are plenty of online references regarding for-profit or non-profit boards. The Free Management Library, http://www.managementhelp.org/boards/boards.htm, seems to have some good information.

It looks like there are some good references on this subject. We just need to adopt them for this community.