Ten Strategic Imperatives


This week's Fast Mail from the Community Transportation Association of America is full of interesting tidbits of information. This week's favorite is The Dawning of a New Era in Transit: Ten Strategic Imperatives (PDF)(294 KB)

"The convergence of major demographic and societal trends is creating an unprecedented opportunity for the future of America's transit industry. The Rural Transit Assistance Program (RTAP) recently presented ten strategic imperatives that will enable transit operators and the industry to transform the role and impact of transit across America."

In short, those strategies are:

  1. Identify and meet customer needs
  2. Provide exceptional customer service
  3. Aggressively promote your system and all alternatives to driving alone
  4. Be green to get the green (Funding)
  5. Measure and report your real impact
  6. Advance the community conversation on community transit
  7. Make business part of transit’s business
  8. Create partnerships to serve the entire community
  9. Help one another sing our industry’s praises
  10. Share our collective experiences and insights

Current Transportation Solution advocates for these strategies in the communities and transit systems where we work.