Montana One-Stop Shop Research Project

The Montana Department of Transportation (MDT), the Montana Transportation Partnership, and other partners conducted a research project and produced an implementation plan for a "one-stop shop" where Montana residents and visitors could find information about transportation options. The project focused on public transportation and other specialized needs. Research was conducted by a consultant team led by PBS&J along with Current Transportation Solutions and the ETC Institute. 

The research team identified appropriate content and dissemination tools such as phone systems, web sites, other technologies, and printed materials to create a system that could make information available when, where, and how people need it. Current Transportation coordinated stakeholder workshops in Northeastern Montana, Helena and Missoula with participation by diverse transit and human service agencies.

At the time of the study, information is available about transportation options in Montana, but it is inconsistent and can require significant skill, knowledge, and time for a traveler to navigate through the different sources. Montana's larger transit agencies generally keep their websites and hard copy materials up-to-date, but data availability for the information and referral services tends to be inconsistent. However, the state’s smaller providers often lack the time and resources to provide information over the Internet. 

Developing a One-Stop Shop for Public/Specialized Transportation Information in Montana

This project was completed in 2008 for the Montana Department of Transportation in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration.