Idaho 5311(f) Program Review

Unserved and infrequently served communities.

Current Transportation Solutions conducted an assessment of Idaho’s intercity bus service with a primary focus on services that receive Federal Transit Administration (FTA) 5311(f) Rural Intercity Program grants through the Idaho Transportation Department Division of Public Transportation. The report was designed to be used as a tool for helping make decisions about funding and improving intercity service and for improving intercity passenger facilities. The final report provided ITD and the Public Transportation Advisory Council with an overview of existing services, a list of gaps, and a recommended prioritization for filling those gaps. Additionally, the report documented intercity nodes and facilities. 

This project was conducted as a desk review focused on all transportation and mobility services funded, fully or in part, through the 5311(f) Rural Intercity Program. Current Transportation conducted a variety of research including a review of appropriate Local Mobility Management Network Plans, website reviews, reviews of available documents and studies on intercity bus service, and both current and previous funding applications. We also conducted phone interviews with stakeholders, and integrated contractors’ knowledge and insights into the report findings.

This project was completed in 2010 for the Idaho Transportation Department.

Idaho 5311(f) Program Review – A Report to the Idaho Transportation Department Public Transportation Division