Idaho Intercity Corridor Definition

Current Transportation Solutions developed a plan for improved, coordinated intercity services to meet the needs of Idaho residents and visitors and the goals of the FTA 5311(f) program.  The project was based on the recommendations of the Idaho 5311(f) Intercity Program Review.  The information and recommendations developed through this project are being used by the Idaho Public Transportation Advisory Committee (PTAC) and Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) to assign funding for intercity routes, and to expand and improve service on specific corridors. 

We assessed the state’s current system under the FTA 5311(f) program and designed improvements to facilitate better coordination of planning and funding decisions to eliminate gaps, duplication, and uncoordinated schedules between providers. We conducted a needs assessment that provided the basis for defining corridors, service frequency, and schedules for a baseline intercity network. For the needs assessment, we conducted demand modelling and created maps illustrating the modelling results.

A new protocol was developed through which IDT’s procurement process is bid out by route, with public and private operators submitting competitive proposals for funding. This process allows IDT to evaluate and integrate individual operators’ local understanding of needs and services, while at the same time focusing on the big picture to ensure that coordination and funding are based on the needs of the entire intercity network.  The new funding allocation process also allows for 5311(f) in-kind match from Greyhound.

This project was completed in 2011 for the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD).

Idaho Intercity Corridor Definition - A Report to the Idaho Transportation Department Public Transportation Division

Proposed routes and daily frequency

Demand modelling estimate of potential daily rides under ideal circumstances for trips produced in Idaho.