Bozeman Area Transit Development and Business Plan

The Human Resource Development Council (HRDC) hired Current Transportation Solutions to conduct Bozeman’s first transit plan since Streamline began fixed route service in 2006. HRDC asked for a strong emphasis on business planning, including development of a variety of operations and service alternatives based on different potential financial scenarios.

For this project the Current Transportation Solutions Team conducted on-board surveys and stakeholder meetings; developed and analyzed performance measures; analyzed demographics and needs; reviewed and analyzed Streamline’s financial management; developed a cost allocation model; and developed recommendations for future service changes. The team also focused on organizational structure and vehicle maintenance costs.

Final Business Plan



In addition to rider surveys, we held three community events focused on different stakeholder groups:

  • human services and community transportation providers
  • Montana State University
  • business owners and economic development leaders

Community Outreach Presentation, November 13, 2012

The Montana State University Exponent wrote an article about the event. Streamline was featured as a case study in Putting Transit to Work in Main Street America, a joint study between the Community Transportation Association of America and Reconnecting America.