Bozeman Area Transportation Coordinator

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Current Transportation Solutions served as the coordinator for HRDC's public transportation services from 2005 to 2009, helping launch the highly successful Streamline fixed route service in August, 2006. Serving Bozeman, Belgrade, Four Corners, Bridger Bowl, and Livingston, Streamline exceeded projected ridership within six months of starting service. Fiscal Year 2009, the third year of service, saw average daily ridership 60% higher than the first year. Current Transportation was also responsible for coordinating HRDC's Galavan paratransit service.

Responsibilities included:

  • improving communications between social service agencies, customers, transportation providers, government agencies, private businesses, and other stakeholders.
  • authoring the annual coordination plan and contributing to the annual application for funding.
  • understanding transportation resources and needs in the region.
  • developing and modifying routes.
  • developing and maintaining data tracking systems to monitor performance.

Current Transportation Solutions has promoted Streamline through various community activities. Work with an Eagle Scout candidate led to the 2010 construction of route information signs at all Streamline bus stops. Ms. Ballard organized the 2008 Dump the Pump event and has educated people of all ages about Streamline and transportation issues through Montana State University (MSU) Expanding Your Horizons, the Bozeman Children’s Museum, MSU architecture courses, MSU public transportation courses, field trips for home-schooled children, and a presentation to Head Start students and their parents.

Previous to serving as Coordinator, Ms. Ballard volunteered for 6 years, both with Galavan and the advisory board that helped form Streamline. She was instrumental in budgeting, service design, choice of vehicle, and encouraging the partnership between HRDC and the Associated Students of Montana State University that led to the availability of local funding for fixed route service.

Ongoing media coverage illustrates community support for the system Current Transportation helped build.