Fort Peck Tribes Transportation Development Plan Update

The Current Transportation Solutions team updated the Transportation Development Plan (TDP) for the Fort Peck Transportation System (FPTS). Home to 10,321 people, the Fort Peck Assiniboine & Sioux Reservation covers a land area approximately 80 miles by 40 miles encompassing about 2,000,000 acres of rolling prairie in northeastern Montana. The project produced a five-year plan to guide the FPTS director, the board, and other stakeholders in assessing transportation conditions and implementing improvements, and included FPTS’ first annual coordination plan. 

The project involved extensive data analysis, including GIS analysis, to estimate transit demand both on and off the reservation. Needs and opportunities were also identified through outreach to stakeholder organizations and the public.  A fully-allocated cost model was developed to facilitate developing contracts for services and coordination strategies; and to allow FPTS and stakeholders to know the true cost of services, to evaluate service performance, and to identify the cost of any component of a service. The final report included detailed information about leveraging funding from federal programs and other sources. It also addressed best practices, government regulations, and practical needs.

This project was completed in 2007 for the Fort Peck Transportation System, Poplar, Montana.

Fort Peck Transportation Development Plan Update

Reservation-wide transit demand. Click to enlarge.

Small community transit demand. Click to enlarge.

Wolf Point and Poplar transit demand. Click to enlarge.

Missouri River
Assiniboine dancer