Current Transportation Solutions has developed a number of web-based transit and coordination tools for transportation managers. 

Streamline Ridership System tracked ridership for Bozeman's bus system. The operator entered rideship by route and stop, allowing analysis of ridership trends by route, stop, and time of day. This system also included a tool to help set up routes for use in Google Transit.

Bus Savings Calculator. We developed this calculator for Streamline's 2007 Dump the Pump celebration for potential riders to calculate their savings by taking the bus.

Streamline Rider Feedback , which we sometimes call a "virtual GPS", allowed approved riders and operators to report on a bus's actual location compared to its scheduled location. It also included a mechanism to track comments on the quality of the service.

Modoc County Transportation Needs Survey converted the paper-based form that Modoc Transportation Authority (CA) uses in its coordination process into a web-based database.

Southwest Montana Transportation Needs Survey modified the Modoc County method for implementation across southwest Montana for a Yellowstone Business Partnership project.